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"On the Boat Eastland" was written by SJ Monck in 1911 while the Eastland was plying the waters of Lake Erie on her Cleveland to Cedar Point, Ohio route. We believe this music was commissioned as promotional marketing collateral to increase ticket sales. Tom and Chris Kastle perform this song on their album, ME FOR THE INLAND LAKES. An original copy of this sheet music resides in the Nelson Collection at the Chicago Maritime Society.

(Helpless There The Eastland Lay). Lyrics written by Albert Cook, music by Joseph Barnes. Published in 1915 by Frank K. Root & Co. This was a memorial song with reverent lyrics and melodies. An original copy of this sheet music resides with the Eastland Memorial Society and another with the Eastland Disaster Historical Society. A brief poem (not included in the lyrics) adourns the cover:

    O ye who now are mourning Your loved ones passed away,
    Another Life is dawning With Everlasting Day!
    For in the Realms Eternal, On Heaven's shores above,
    Someday your stricken hearts will meet, The lost ones that ye love.

Tom and Chris Kastle The Eastland was written by Tom and Chris Kastle in 1985 and is about the disaster on the Chicago River. You can order their wonderful tapes and CDs online at their web site.

The music of Tom and Chris Kastle has been critically acclaimed throughout the United States, in Canada and in Europe. It is loved by schooner and tall ship sailors every where. They are known for their good humor, harmonies and varied instrumentation. Several of their original works have been used by other artists in live performance and on recordings. Their many recordings and compositions are used regularly by educational, historical and environmental organizations. As scholars, they have researched the maritime musical heritage of the Great Lakes region and have been published in that regard. As tall ship sailors, they have experienced, first-hand, a maritime tradition that has developed through a heritage of cultural diversity. Tom is a Coast Guard licensed captain. They each hold a graduate degree in Human Ecology and, as educators, they have done performances, lectures, in-services, workshops and residencies at schools, museums and colleges in many states from coast to coast. Additionally, they have worked as guest instructors aboard the Clearwater and with the Inland Seas Education Association, and as Community Professors in the College of Environmental and Applied Sciences at Governors State University. As art advocates and presenters they have planned, designed and/or administered programs for the Folk Alliance, Chicago Maritime Society, Shedd Aquarium, Urban Gateways and the Forest Park Nature Center. They also publish the Illinois folk resource, COMMON TIMES.

Me For The Inland Lakes by Tom and Chris Kastle ME FOR THE INLAND LAKES CD
$15.00 Plus $1.50 Shipping

"Traditional, contemporary and original songs of the living maritime heritage of the Great Lakes. Tales of fast ships, lonely lighthouses, eerie legends, sailing to adventure, and safe, as well as not-so-safe, returns."

Me for the Inland Lakes The Bigler On the Boat Eastland
The Eastland Burnham Harbor The Wreck of the Antelope
Ballad of the Race to Mackinac Dancin' Jimmy Owen Rolling Home
Red Iron Ore Heave 'er Up nd Bust 'er Shine Out Your Light Cold Winds
Sutton's Bay The Black Dog of Lake Erie Leave Her, Laddies, Leave Her
Homeward Bound/ The Kesh Jig

For more information or orders contact: Tom & Chris Kastle, Sextant Music, Ltd. PO Box 56474, Chicago, IL 60656-0474. Phone: (773) 774-7216. Email: kastle@enteract.com.

The Eastland Disaster was written by Glen Burtnik and Bob Burger and is currently unreleased. While the first verse of this song is historically accurate of the disaster, the second verse describes a boiler explosion and a massive fire that burns and chokes the passengers, which of course is incorrect. The second verse more likely describes the details of the General Slocum disaster, intermingled with that of the Eastland. The third verse returns to the story of the Eastland, with reflection. Overall, it is a good song, spoiled by the second verse.

Glen Burtnik has had a long and illustrious career in the music industry, including a time with the band Styx. His complete biography (it will astound you), and even a short sample of the Eastland Disaster song are available at his official web site.

Lee Murdock Lee Murdock is another popular Chicago area folk singer who has also recorded "The Eastland" as written by the Kastles on his Fertile Ground album. You can find Lee's recordings online at his web site. Lee Murdock's songs tell the stories of heroic deeds, tragic shipwrecks, and the lives of the people who make their homes and their livings along the shores of the Great Lakes.

Murdock's songs create an unforgettable image of commerce and recreation as they coexist on the Great Lakes today, with huge cargo ships traversing vital shipping lanes while pleasure craft of all types and sizes share the waters along North America's fourth coast.

Noted as a fluent instrumentalist on the six and twelve string guitars, Lee Murdock's musical influences span fifteen generations, from ancient Celtic music to Scott Joplin rags; rhythm and blues to contemporary.

His musical arrangements of new and traditional folk ballads, shanteys and work songs are enjoyed by audiences with contemporary musical tastes, even if they have not listened to much folk music in the past. With this musical style, Lee hopes to introduce folk music to new audiences, as well as entertaining the serious fans of maritime and traditional music.

$15.00 Plus $2.50 Shipping

Fertile Ground St. Louis Tickle The Eastland Trouble in Mind
Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady Lakes of Pontchartrain The Bigler's Crew
Gilderoy/Flowers of the Forest Lady Franklin's Lament Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week
Charles O'Connor The Christmas Ship

For more information contact: Lee Murdock, PO Box 11, Kaneville, IL 60144-0011. Phone: (630) 557-2742. Email: jmurdock@mcs.com.

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